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Instructor J Hill will take you through the entire process of making a AAA game character of your own using tools & techniques used in the Video Game industry.

Follow along in this on-demand course as J teaches you his step by step methods of creating high resolution source meshes for baking in ZBrush as well as re-topology methods in Maya for creating low resolution models for texturing, rendering, and animation.

​Students will also be introduced to the PBR texturing workflow and texture their characters using Substance Painter. These skills are essential for creating real-time character models used video games and VR today. Finally, learn how to import assets into Marmoset for the final rendering and how to present your character in a portfolio to make an impact.​

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"Exceptional course that presents an all-encompassing approach to character creation for video games. At the risk of sounding cliche, it's actually everything that you would expect from such a course, and a lot more. "

Cristian Panaite

"J is an awesome instructor. All of his lectures are easy to understand and I had fun watching them. He gives a lot of things which are very difficult to find on boards or other tutorials. This was one of the best courses I've ever taken."

Denis Kislov

"I loved his teaching methodology (concise, fun and easily understood), as well as the fact that the lessons are full of compact information. It was well worth my money, so thank you!"

Abidán Brito

Meet Your Instructor

Jason Hill is a senior character artist in the video game industry with over 9 years of experience including working on characters for games like Apex Legends, Evolve and Titanfall 2.

He’s created a wide variety of digital sculptures and game assets in his career but is most passionate about characters and the stories they can tell.

From conceptual images and design sculpts to fully realized production assets for games and cinematics, J has worked on all kinds of characters and creatures.
An only child of two teachers, J hopes to motivate others to follow their passions, inspire them to continue growing and learning, and encourage people to pursue their interest in art and design.
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Lesson Plan

In lesson 1, Jason covers inspiration, workflow and design philosophy as well as key concepts to creating 3D characters for video games.

You will learn how to rough in the body and proportions using Zbrush. This stage is all about big picture, silhouette, and proportion.

Now that you have your first draft, it’s time to Add/ Edit/ Revise and finish our models. This lesson will cover key concepts like how to control your edges, using symmetry and spending time on the focal points.


In lesson 4 we dive into an overview of the head sculpting process. Basic proportion and sculpting demonstration as well as finishing techniques are also covered.

Using Maya we will build real-time resolution meshes based on all of our source models and then prepare them for Baking & Texturing. General Topology principles are also taught in lesson 5.

You will learn how to texture and bake using Substance Painter. We go into detail this lesson and also cover PBR texturing workflows and materials.

This is the most fun and rewarding stage. Not only does all the work you’ve done up to this point finally pay off but the more you work on your character the better it’ll look. Texturing can bring things to life!

In this lesson we spend time going over face texturing and polishing your work.



Learn how to create realistic skin, eyes and hair for your characters. You will learn everything from using Maya Xgen for hair card generation, to how skin layers work. This lesson also goes into Presentation techniques using Marmoset Viewer.

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Price $297

Skill Level:  Intermediate ZBrush knowledge.

Software Used:
​Zbrush, Maya, Substance Painter, & Marmoset
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